Cats Love Bleach -

29/06/2014 · Try Not To Laugh At This Ultimate Funny Dog Video Compilation Funny Pet Videos - Duration: 20:11. Funny Pet Videos 19,310,985 views. Bleach is considered to be a bioaccumulate within the body. It can be absorbed very easily through the skin and lungs, the damage it does will accumulate over time. Cats have glands within their paws so if they walk on surfaces where harmful chemicals are used, they can easily be.

07/04/2011 · If she licked or swallowed strong bleach she could become seriously ill. I live with my beloved 10-year-old cat and am moving from Lancashire to Kent to retire. The move is complicated and I’m finding it difficult to work out the logistics of how to move myself, my possessions and my cat without causing her immense stress. 31/10/2008 · My cat generally avoids the bathroom except for when we clean it. Whenever I clean the toilet she gets really excited, almost hyper, and meows a LOT. About a week ago we had a mold problem that we cleaned up and got rid of the stain on the ceiling with bleach. My cat went psycho then too. We have to shut the door whenever we clean in.

Why Does My Cat Love Chlorine? Some cats react to chlorine much in the same way they do to catnip. These cats chew on an owner’s hair or towel after he’s been to the pool, or try to lick surfaces that have been recently cleaned with bleach or other cleaning products that contain it. I was told ages ago that when clearing up messes made by kittens you should never clean the area with bleach. This is because the bleach smells a bit like cat scent and the kitten will end up going to the toilet in that spot more often - not good if the spot is behind the fridge! 06/02/2009 · My cat like the smell of bleach and i don't know if its normal. i have had her for two years and ever since i can remember she likes te smell. this morning my mom was wiping the floor with bleach. when she was done she wiped it with a rag and left and when i cam down my cat was licking the floor. other times when i clean the floor. Go to the emergency vet if necessary. The life of your cat is in danger if they have consumed any of these 10 home items that can kill your cat. Remember that it's not advisable to try and make the cat vomit if you're not sure what they have consumed, as some products such as bleach can act as dangerous corrosives in their mouth. 10/11/2015 · I would be careful with the bleach. It could be very harmful if he licks it. Bleach is caustic. There was a thread on here about a cat that was very sick with bleach poisoning. Keep your cat away from coffee, it is toxic to cats if they get enough. Same goes for onions and garlic in leftovers.

Rabu Aikawa 愛川 羅武, Aikawa Rabu, more commonly referred to as Love ラヴ, Ravu, is a Visored and the former captain of the 7th Division. His lieutenant was Jin'emon Kotsubaki. Love is a tall Visored with brown eyes and a thick black spiked afro which adds further to his above average height. 12/07/2007 · Cats love the smell of bleach? I poured bleach overnight on some weeds outside. This morning my cats are going nutty with rubbing in that area? Answer Save. 4 Answers. Relevance. MissKiss. 1 decade ago. Best Answer. There is a new smell and the cats are scent marking it to let "Bleach Cat" know that it is theirs. 0 0 0. Anonymous.

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